It’s Good to Be Back

I was so excited to finally come home, and on July 5 I made it. My buddy Christina came to pick me up at the airport, we IMMEDIATELY made a Chipotle run, and then we headed towards Lake of the Woods where my parents have a lake house. I’ve been spending the intervening weeks enjoying boating, sitting dockside, and even hosting some visitors down by the lake! Given how atrociously hot and humid the summer has been, it has been really lovely to cool off with a dip in the water… or a wine slushy at our nearby winery.

I’ve also been making some runs up to DC to visit my city-folk friends. It has been so wonderful to see all the people I love of course, but also to see the places I love. I am usually overcome with a wave of bittersweet nostalgia when I stroll the streets, particularly in Alexandria. It’s such a strange sensation, like… putting on an old pair of pants after you lost weight – they used to be perfectly comfortable but now they no longer fit just right. It weird to stroll down King Street, past my favorite stores, restaurants, and coffee shops, and think “I don’t live here anymore.”

Well, at least not for now. I have every intention of coming back. Someday.

Because one thing that being away from home so long has given me is the gift of realizing how much I love home. I know theres DC-haters a’plenty out there, but DC is really a great city offering world class restaurants, theater, museums, parks, and more. It’s clean, has enough activities to fill a lifetime, and has everything you could possibly need.  

Except great weather. I think we can all agree DC weather generally straight up sucks.

Even better for me, Alexandria has access to everything DC has to offer, but is separate. It’s a cute, charming city with its own vibe, history, and identity.  I miss it all terribly, and I am looking forward to coming back and building my life here again. But not yet. I’ve still got a lot of leavin’ left to do.

September will see me heading off on the next leg of my journey. I’ll be stopping in LA for a few days to visit a friend before heading to South Korea (to visit a friend) then Malaysia (to visit a friend). The five-ish month trip will also take me to Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand. Hopefully I’ll be visiting and making many friends along the way – it’s yet another gift that travel gives. (It’s also given me world-class mooching skills).

I am looking forward to setting off again!