New Year, New Zealand

I was originally going to come home for the holidays. I had never been away from home during Christmas before, and traveling solo during this time just seemed too sad. But then some dear Kiwi friends of mine helped me to see how silly it was to spend money to go home after SE Asia and then come back to explore Oz and NZ. They invited me to stay with them instead, and I said yes! So I got to enjoy Kiwi Christmas and ring in 2020 before pretty much anyone else in the world.

In some ways Kiwi Christmas is very similar to that in the US – focused on big meals and spending time with family. However, there are some key differences. It involves a lot more cream. Kiwi dip and cream based desserts, like ambrosia and pavlovas, are the standard fare (love it!) They tend to not be big on showy light displays or gaudy decorations. And, of course, it’s summer here! So you aren’t freezing to death and can actually play outside or even hit the beach.

I feel so blessed that my friends and their lovely families welcomed me so fully into their homes. It was really special to have this opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, including two other Christmas refugees from Jersey. It means more than words can ever say, and I thank Jess and Matt from the very bottom of my heart.

During Christmas week, we went camping which is pure Kiwi holiday style. Or so I’m told. I hadn’t been camping in a good long while, so I was unsure how I would feel about it. But I really enjoyed it! We stayed in a holiday park right on the beach, went tubing (or biscuiting, as they call it in NZ), and took in views of the recently erupted White Island. We also went camping up on the Coromandel peninsula and hit up a concert by NZ hit saxophone band Drax Project. I really liked their music, and can’t get Woke Up Late out of my head (and even cooler, they did a version in the Maori language Te Reo).

Other highlights of the week were taking in majestic views of Hawkes Bay and Gisbourne, as well as eating an award winning potato-topped pie which converted me into a bit of a junkie. For New Year’s Eve we were in art deco haven Napier, at a concert on the top of a mountain. After a day of literally doing nothing but ordering pizza and watching movies, it was time to hit the road and explore this magnificent country.


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