They Say “You Can’t Go Home Again,” But…

I came back home two weeks ago, after I finished up my jaunt in Vietnam. Honestly, I had been ready to come home for awhile. The energy ran out and the bank account was skint. But I couldn’t live with myself if I went all the way to the other side of the world without going to Vietnam.

I am really glad I went, but I am also happy to be home. Coming home when I did allowed me to surprise my dad with not only my homecoming, but we also threw a surprise party for him for his 65th birthday. The party was a hit, and was celebrated a few days before Dad’s birthday on the actual birthday of my brother who turned 31 this year. It sucks when you have to tell people your younger brother is 31! We are all old.

Speaking of old, the number one worry of old people is starting to plague my family: slips and falls. Mom fell while out walking with Bro and Dad just a few days before I got back and managed to break both her wrists. She had to have surgery and stitches and two casts and everything. She can’t really use her hands well, so she’s become pretty useless. But at least she’s not in pain, and she is being quite the trooper. There is no good time to break both your arms, but mom timed it well with me coming home anyway.

So here I am, finally at home, enjoying “beautiful” February in Locust Grove, VA, hanging with the ‘rents, visiting friends up near DC, and reminiscing about my adventures over the last year and a half plus. I’ve had plenty of time on my hands to practice Spanish, so I have been making sure to schedule time with my tutors almost every day. And I have been experimenting with some off the cooking skills I have learned – I am already tried out two Thai dishes that came out pretty well! So I am still keeping it pretty international around here.

I have some trips I want to do, of course, but my goals for this year look a lot different than they did a year ago. I am starting to apply for jobs, which is everyone’s favorite activity. So hopefully in a matter of months I’ll be an employed, productive, maybe even home-owning member of society once again! Cross your fingers for me!


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